About Us

We are a Durban based VISP delivering various internet based services to customers all around South Africa and indeed the world.
We have been in the web hosting / web design industry for over 12 years and over the last 8 years we have included services such as internet connectivity and now mainly ADSL

With the ushering in of a new year often come new changes. This year is no different. We are busy with our new website and we want to let you know we're here for you with a renewed commitment to providing the best service we can. Here's how:

  • Focus on providing continued outstanding service and building solid client relationships: We're here to listen, participate and foster healthy relationships.
  • Increase customer engagement: With 15 years of design and web design experience we would like to jump start activity on the site with quality feedback and useful information.
  • Provide the resources and tools that you need to get in order for your website to grow and your online business to flourish!

With so many varied choices and packages for web design & web hosting facing us, it can be a difficult task deciding what it is you actually need and who to trust with your website. We understand this only too well which is why we focus on service excellence. It is far easier to be mediocre and leave things out or take short cuts but we're not here to make our lives easier, we're here to do it right and do it right from the start and in our opinion this starts with outstanding service and then outstanding products!

Here is an overview of our four main products, namely, Web Design, Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration and ADSL