We are a South African web design and development business

As a small studio we are highly focused on what’s most important to you, our customer.

About us

Netlive started out as an Internet Service Provider in 1998. Over the years our focus has sharpened to be primarily concentrated on web design, development and hosting.
We take great pride in planning, designing, building and hosting beautiful, functional websites for our amazing customers!

Although our studio is based in Durban, our client base is global with clients from Australia, Europe and The United Kingdom hiring us for their web projects.

Our specialist areas are:

  1. WordPress Design and Digital Development
  2. PHP Web Application Development
  3. Web Hosting
  4. Domain Name Registration

As a small business, we can give singular focus to each of our projects. This allows us to stay highly motivated and intensely involved in the entire process from start to finish. It also makes us more intuitive to your web needs. We love it when our clients want to know more about the technical side of things and want to get involved in the building of their sites so we encourage your questions and feedback.

Our popular skill sets are:

  1. WordPress design
  2. WordPress front-end development
  3. WordPress back-end development
  4. E-Commerce development
  5. Application development using HTML, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, CSS & .NET
  6. UX design
  7. Hosted environments for PHP based sites
  8. WordPress dedicated servers
  9. Organic Search Engine Optimisation

When we’re not creating fantastic websites, we love to run away to the bush, taking photos, relaxing and getting energised by Nature herself.

Our ethos and inspiration comes from how things worked in ‘the olden days’ – particularly the way things were designed and made years ago, built to last and with care and great quality. We think some of the retro designs from ‘back in the day’ are timeless and classic – and this ethic drives us to design outstanding, modern and highly functional websites but most of all, to deliver to you good old-fashioned service with a smile!

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