When it comes to hosting your website, we do not take any shortcuts!

Your website is important to us and keeping it running and available 24/7 is essential. We run hardware, software, hacking scans and backups constantly. This attention to detail is how we protect your website and your online business.

Why host with us?

Each website hosting package is 100% unique. No two sites are the same when it comes to hosting. If you’re paying ‘next to nothing’ for your current hosting plan then you’re probably on a shared hosting package. What this means is that your site is sharing resources with many other websites at the same time. This sort of plan is not a good idea for hosting a WordPress or CMS website because shared hosting uses shared resources of the host server and is too slow for hosting a CMS site.

We only run dedicated servers for our hosted sites. This means that all the server resources are dedicated and available to any website, at any time, making your site fast and a pleasure to use.

But efficient hosting is more than just about speed. it’s also about security, support, service, and stability – and your site and emails up and running 24/7!
We are extremely proud of our uptime record of 99.9% – averaged over several years.

Things to consider when looking for a web host


Speed of your website

Research shows that if it takes more than three seconds for a page to load, over half of your visitors will leave your site. For every second longer than three seconds that probability increases to 90%!
The speed of a website can be affected by many things such as the size of the page loading, large uncompressed images, too many objects to load, among others. But one of the things to get right first is the Website Hosting Server Speed. Our server response time is 2 – 6 milliseconds.
Because we run dedicated servers, the speed of our servers is generally not the reason for a slow-loading site.


Security of your website

Firewalls are set up to protect all the sites we host. Feedback from our website firewalls tells us that 1000s of attempted hacks occur every day on every website. This may sound crazy but it’s true. And this is why we take online security very seriously.

We have several layers of security in place to protect your site:

  • Website Firewall – to directly protect your website from unauthorised entry and defacement or redirection to a spoofed site. It’s far better to prevent a hack than to try and fix one.
  • Server Security – We are constantly running scans on all our servers to make sure no server level breaches have occurred.
  • Email Security – we scan both incoming and outgoing emails for any malware, viruses and spam, all based on shared international standards.

Stability of your web host

It’s a lot of work keeping a web server stable and running 100% of the time. There are constant software upgrades, security patches and hardware upgrades that need to be monitored and carried out all the time.

Did we already mention how proud we are of our 99.9% server uptime?
This means less than 1 hour downtime per year and most of that is due to hardware and software upgrades.

This stability is something that is beneficial to your website and business because it means that your online presence is always on, and your website is always available – day and night.


Support & Service you should expect from your host

There are literally millions of places to host your website. But before you choose where to host your site, you should consider what type of support you can expect when you need it.

We are seriously focused on the support and service of our clients. It sets us apart from other hosts and developers. Our support team is directly contactable by Phone, WhatsApp or Skype. There’s no impersonal call centre where you have to deal with a different person every time you call, or have to wait for help when your ticket comes up. After hours support for email problems only is redirected to our local affilated 24/7 call centre.

  • General website support + email problems: 8-5 daily, monday to friday
  • Email problems after hours: If an emergency, you can phone the call centre
  • Accounts Support: Monday 8:30am to Thursday 4:30pm and Friday 2:30pm

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Important notice about backups

Whist we backup every website and mailbox every night and roll these backups over for 12 days, it should be noted that you MUST NOT rely on this backup service as a valid secure disaster recovery plan.

We do NOT guarantee these backups and cannot accept responsibility for any lost data.

If you want a safe, secure and reliable backup and disaster recovery plan please get in touch with us directly to discuss your options, we’ll be happy to help.