Sometimes you need more than just a static website. If you need a customised feature, such as an online shop, an order/tracking system or a membership area for your clients to manage their data – we can do it.

Whatever you need we can help make it a reality and make your website work!

Web Design or Web Development?

Essentially, Web Design refers to the visual look, feel and usability of a website.
Web Designers are also sometimes known as Frontend Developers.

Web Developers or programmers, on the other hand, are focused on the function of a website and generally use coding languages such as, PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and other languages to build those functions and applications.

Our Development services are primarily focused on building specialised functions and applications for our client’s websites such as:

  • Online Shops
  • Customised Ordering/invoicing systems
  • Custom Booking Systems
  • Membership Websites
  • Learning Management Websites

You name it we can probably build it!

A real world example of a recent web development project

The Problem
We were approached by a client who delivers fresh produce to restaurants, cafes and hotels, first thing in the morning, every day. They needed us to help them devise a new ordering system.

As their orders close at midnight, for delivery the next morning, their biggest problem was the confusing, varied and late ways that their customers sent orders through, mainly by WhatsApp, email, phoned in and photos sent of hand written sheets. Their system required orders to be rewritten out with things often being left of the order. This meant extra deliveried were needed, which resulted in a huge waste of time and money.

The picking order in their warehouse was all over the place, with staff running from one end of the warehouse to the other to complete the orders, which resulted in more errors in missed items.

A further issue was that all of their customer orders needed to be captured line by line, inserting stock codes for each item, into the accounting system which took several people several hours each day to complete.

Their existing system clearly had vast room for improvement.

The Solution
Our solution, with the client’s input, was to build an online ordering system that their customers could easily log into by computer or phone to place orders.

As customers don’t order every product every day, we made it so that each customer had a pre-populated stock sheet that they could quickly run down and insert the quantities of produce they needed for the next day’s delivery. We also allowed for customers to place extra orders not on their usual list.

We ordered the lists so that when they were printed out for the staff to pick the orders, everything was sequentially laid out as it is in the warehouse. This meant that picking time was reduced by 30 minutes for each order, a great time saver. It also meant that the final position the picker found themselves in was at the dispatch bay ready to load right into the truck.

Then we made the lists exportable in such a way that they are easily imported into the client’s accounting system, with stock codes, customer details, times etc. This was a massive time saver and extremely efficient.

Our client is over the moon and busy training their customers on how the system can save them time and money.

The time saved by our client paid for the development costs of this customisation in just a few months.

This is just one practical example of how a web development project translates to a real world application.

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